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Perth’s leading Colon Hydrotherapy Centre

Welcome to The Rejuvenation Centre. We are a group of dedicated, passionate and professional Colon Hydrotherapy practitioners.

Our website is dedicated to providing information, thoughts and ideas to those interested in Colon Hydrotherapy / Colonic Irrigation and Wellbeing through knowing your own body.

The Rejuvenation Centre is Perth’s leading colon hydrotherapy, clinical hypnosis and wellness centre.  We offer colon hydrotherapy / colon cleansing, body detox and diet counselling as well as clinical hypnotherapy

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Sue Munro,  Registered Nurse Practitioner and Registered Colon Hydrotherapist (UK)

The Centre is owned
and operated in
Western Australia
by Sue Munro, a
Nurse Practitioner

and Registered
Colon Hydrotherapist (UK)
and Trainer